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Specialists InĀ Asbestos Removal

We specialise in the safe and responsible removal of asbestos across the United Kingdom. We have a team of highly skilled surveyors, a group of highly trained removal technicians, and a full licence from the Health & Safety Executive covering all the work that we perform. In short, if you have an asbestos problem, we can solve it.

Asbestos Removal

When asbestos containing material (ACM) deteriorates to a point where it can no longer be safely maintained, removal may be the only practical solution. We have the operatives and equipment to carry out asbestos removal in a controlled environment, managing risk to personnel and the environment with fully sealed polythene enclosures, shadow vacuuming, and appropriate wetting techniques. We use both wet strip injection machines and surface spray mist wetting to ensure that we are able to remove ACM from any location while minimising the risk of contamination from loose asbestos fibres.

Asbestos Survey

We provide comprehensive surveys for both management and refurbishment/demolition purposes. Surveys carried out prior to major renovations or a demolition is by nature more invasive and destructive, because all areas of a building must be inspected, not just the visible surfaces. When conducting either type of asbestos survey, we collect numerous samples to test at our laboratories, to confirm the presence of asbestos in materials suspected to contain it. During a management survey, we will carefully evaluate the condition of any ACM, and make recommendations based on our findings.

We can help with your asbestos problem