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It is well known that asbestos was used in building materials from the 1950’s onwards. It was in the late 1990’s that it was finally banned as a building material. In many cases asbestos can remain safely in a building and never cause harm. However as soon as it is disturbed, then it can become a very serious health hazard.

We at Action Asbestos Removal offer a range of services, which are available across the UK. We have an emergency call out service, which guarantees that we will have a specialist member of the team to assess the situation as soon as possible.

Asbestos removal

Once we have assessed the situation, if asbestos removal is required then our specialist team will come in and remove the asbestos in a safe and professional manner. The work is carried out under fully controlled conditions and we aim to reduce the amount of disruption to you. Any damage caused during the asbestos removal process can be fully repaired by our team as well.

Encapsulation and repair

In some cases it is not necessary to remove the asbestos. We perform a procedure called encapsulation. The broken asbestos material is encapsulated using a special sealant and in some cases we will use a special cloth to add an extra layer of protection. Once the work is completed we repair all the damage to the area.

Environmental clean

If any asbestos debris is found due to damaged asbestos board, damaged asbestos pipe insulation or a survey shows that asbestos debris is identified, then it is critical to call us immediately. Action Asbestos Removal can carry out a thorough environmental clean to make the area asbestos free.

Action Asbestos Removal will be able to recommend if Restricted Access to an area is needed until the Environmental clean is completed.

Asbestos Disposal

Action Asbestos Removal offers an asbestos waste collection service. So if you find some asbestos call us and we can make the asbestos safe on site and then take away the waste for disposal. The waste also includes all contaminated building materials, any tools or other items, which may have been used at the site. All waste is taken to a licensed landfill site and you receive a certificate once this is completed.

Fire Protection

We can spray beams and RSJs with special fire protective coating and also fix fire protective boarding to areas.

Thermal Insulation

We can insulate items in the property using non-asbestos products. Areas commonly insulated are ducting systems, pipework, tanks and walls. In some cases we are asked to remove old insulation and re-install new insulation to improve safety.

Nationwide Call-Out Team

Action Asbestos Removal provides our services to domestic and commercial properties across the UK. Our headquarters are in Leeds and we have teams based in the following areas:

Prior to the 1970’s asbestos was extensively used as a material in domestic properties and in other items used in homes, such as carpet underlay and even ironing board pads. Asbestos is made up of microscopic natural minerals that are naturally fire resistant and flexible. It was not until the 1990’s that it was finally banned from use. However by this time the majority of domestic properties had asbestos material in place. In most cases if the asbestos is left untouched it will not cause any harm. It is only when the asbestos material is disturbed, for example during a renovation that the asbestos can become a hazard to your health. Here is a list of some common applications of asbestos in Domestic Buildings:


  • Garages and Sheds (roof or side panels)
  • Chimney pots (Cowls)
  • Building roof tiles
  • Cement in outbuildings
  • Felt roofing
  • Damp proofing


  • Pipe insulation
  • Packers
  • Splash back boards
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Floor tiles
  • Stair nosing
  • Sink pads
  • Bitumen
  • Fuse boxes
  • Interior doors
  • Floor tiles
  • Loft paneling
  • Artex ceilings
  • Stair boards
  • Internal walls
  • Floor & ceiling voids

If you are carrying extensive renovation to your domestic property we can arrange to carry out an asbestos survey. An asbestos survey will minimise risk to the contractors working on the property as well as the occupants. This is particularly important if removing walls or ceilings, we can make the area safe to work in.

If you are renovating a property to rent, remember that a Landlord is under a ‘duty of care’ to ensure that a risk assessment is carried out and can be prosecuted for failing to do so. Also a landlord can be guilty of a criminal offence if anyone is exposed to a risk from asbestos.

If you suspect that there may be asbestos present in your property it is important to get in touch with ICE Asbestos immediately. A member of our specialist team will come out to assess the situation and advise on the best course of action. There are a number of techniques including asbestos removal and asbestos encapsulation, which can be used to minimise the risk to your health.

If required our emergency call out team can be sent out to assess the situation.

We provide our services to domestic properties across the UK. Our headquarters are in LEEDS and we have teams based in the following areas: West Yorkshire , North Yorkshire , South Yorkshire

If you think you have found asbestos in your property, garage or garden shed then contact us.


Products containing asbestos are all too common within commercial environments, especially in buildings or offices built prior to the late 1970’s. If you suspect you have materials containing asbestos then you should not be tempted to investigate. Asbestos based products are fairly safe when undamaged, but as a precaution you should have the building assessed by a trained asbestos engineer. If you have damaged asbestos based products then do not delay – you, your colleagues and employees run a high risk of long term health problems. Our team of specialists at Action Asbestos removal work with a wide range of commercial properties and building contractors offering both asbestos surveys and asbestos removal.

If you are a landlord, tenant or managing agent of a commercial property you may be responsible for managing asbestos. It is important to check your lease to find out who is responsible for asbestos.

If it is your responsibility and then it is useful to have an asbestos survey performed and if any asbestos containing material is found this should be analysed. We at Action Asbestos Removal can carry out the survey, analysis and advise on the best way to minimise risk to the occupants.

Remember even owners of derelict or vacant premises and warehouses need an asbestos survey.

We work in a wide range of commercial properties including:

  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Leisure centres
  • Building sites
  • Retail outlets
  • Hospitality venues
  • Warehouses
  • Listed buildings
  • Construction sites
  • Rental Properties

We have a lot of experience working alongside building contractors to make sure that the risk of asbestos is minimised. For our full ranges of services have a look at the asbestos removal and asbestos surveys sections.

If required our emergency call out team can come out to see you and assess the situation.

We provide our services to commercial properties across the UK. Our headquarters are in LEEDS and we have teams based in the following areas: West Yorkshire , North Yorkshire , South Yorkshire

If you think you have found asbestos in your commercial property or building site then give us Action Asbestos Removal a call.

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