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Asbestos surveys can be required for a number of reasons. We work with domestic and commercial property owners and also with builders undertaking any refurbishments or upgrades to property.

Action Asbestos Removal has a team of highly trained surveyors that can undertake surveys for Asbestos Containing Material (ACM), these are all in accordance with all the latest legislation. In all cases the process we undertake is:

  1. To locate any asbestos and determine how much there is present.
  2. To determine how accessible it is and assess its surface condition.
  3. To record the type of asbestos by taking a sample and getting it analysed.
  4. Fast Track Surveys available which ensure your report is with you within 48 hours.

Once Bulk Sample Analysis is carried out the client receives a full Asbestos survey report giving details on the type of asbestos identified, the level of risk to the users of the building and recommendations on the asbestos identified.

Action Asbestos Removal are also able to produce an Asbestos Register and an Asbestos Management Plan if the asbestos is staying in situ

Management Survey

This asbestos survey is formally known as ‘Type 2’. It is carried out to identify the presence of asbestos within a building. The main purposes of this survey are:

  1. To ensure everyone is aware of the presence and location of the asbestos.
  2. To ensure no one will be harmed by the presence of the asbestos.
  3. To assess if the asbestos containing material is in good condition.
  4. To ensure that no one can accidentally disturb the asbestos and cause harm.

Refurbishment/Demolition Survey

If you are planning to carry out extensive refurbishment or demolition of a building then you need to have a Refurbishment / Demolition survey, formally known as a ‘Type 3’ survey. This survey does not assess the condition of the Asbestos Containing Material; it’s more about reducing harm to the building contractors carrying out the work. We can also advise on how best to carry out the work so that the level of risk is reduced. Alternatively, we can offer a professional asbestos removal service to completelt remove the risk.

We provide our services to domestic and commercial properties across the UK. Our headquarters are in Leeds and we have teams based in the following areas West Yorkshire , North Yorkshire , South Yorkshire

If you want to find out more about the asbestos surveys then contact Action Asbestos Removal and we will come out and advise on the best way forward.

Whether you need a management survey or a refurbishment & demolition survey, Action Asbestos Removal meet your needs. We perform all surveys in accordance with HSG264 guidelines and prepare detailed reports containing all the information you need. We have a fully experienced and qualified team of surveyors, 30 years of industry experience, and are committed to providing you with an unrivalled level of service at all times.

Asbestos Refurbishment & Demolition Surveys Across Leeds

For companies and individuals who are planning major renovation work or the demolition of an older building, it is essential to commission a refurbishment/demolition asbestos survey in Leeds. During this type of survey, our team will inspect all areas of your property, including those normally hidden from view. Samples will be taken from any material that we suspect may contain asbestos, to be tested at our laboratory. Because of the destructive nature of this type of survey, it is important to ensure that your building is vacated before work commences.

Asbestos Management Surveys in Leeds

If you own a building and you need to establish whether any materials containing asbestos are present on the surface level, to safeguard the health of occupants, a management survey is what you need. The aim of this type of asbestos survey in Leeds is to ensure that there are no asbestos containing materials that could shed fibres and pose a health risk to anybody living or working in the building. Ceiling tiles, floor tiles, stair nosing, internal walls, and Artex ceilings are just a few examples of where such materials may be found. Any asbestos containing materials that are identified will need to be evaluated, to ascertain whether their current or future condition is likely to cause problems.

Book your asbestos survey in Leeds by contacting us.

As experienced professionals in the asbestos industry, we are able to offer our clients a full range of survey services, including management, refurbishment and demolition surveys. Whatever your reasons for needing to establish whether there is any asbestos present in your property and, if there is, what condition it is in, we can provide you with a detailed report on which you can base your future plans. We pride ourselves on our ability to prepare comprehensive reports that are not only in full compliance with all industry regulations but that contain all the necessary information our clients may need, both now and in the future.

Asbestos Refurbishment & Demolition Surveys Across Yorkshire

If you are planning to refurbish or demolish a building in which asbestos containing material (ACM) may be present, you will need a thorough survey first. This type of asbestos survey in the West Midlands will be both invasive and destructive so you need to make sure that the building in question will be vacant before the survey can start.

The reason that invasive and destructive techniques must be used is because it is important to ascertain the location of all ACM in the building, not just those surfaces that are visible to the naked eye. Wall cavities, spaces behind cladding, loft spaces, and floor voids will all need to be checked.

Asbestos Management Surveys in the Yorkshire Regions

An asbestos management survey is intended to pinpoint the location of any ACM within a property, to ascertain its condition, and to assess whether it poses a risk, or is likely to pose a risk in the future, to occupants of the building. An asbestos survey in the Yorkshire Regions that is performed for management purposes will not be destructive but it may involve some invasive procedures so again, it is important to ensure the property is vacant before the survey begins.

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